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Nuernburger Bratwurst

A truly authentic brand sausage with old world traditional seasonings!



Original German style sausage, all pork, smoked and cooked, with outstanding unique spices! We are the Home of the 20” Polish Sausage – Bigger is Better!


Hungarian Kolbasa 

A lot of natural hickory smoke goes into this Eastern European Pork delight!


Portuguese Hawaiian

Made with Pork and a selection of Hawaiian-style spices developed on the Islands. Which creates one of the most desirable sausages. Aloha!


Spicy Cajun

All pork, fully cooked and smoked, deep Southern style brand spicy sausage with just the right kick!



This recipe comes straight out of Bourbon street. Our popular Pork Andouille is smoked and has a variety of uses from gumbo, jambalaya, to your barbecue!



A hefty One-Quarter Pound natural casing Pork and Beef blend

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