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What began as a small local sausage plant in 1964, has blossomed into one of the premier sausage companies in Southern California.  Established by Joe Demes with the idea of supplying local retailers with handmade sausage products, the company was bought by Randy Martin in 1993.  Randy had been a sausage maker and butcher in the plant for 16 years and when Joe retired, he purchased the company with the idea of growing it beyond its local area.


Randy knew everything there was to know about sausage making, including how to repair the machines, buy the best ingredients and fashion new sausage flavors.  Because he was so well known as a top sausage maker, he was approached by restaurants, retailers and meat companies wishing to have their products made by him.  


His private label business burgeoned and some of his own, family-recipe branded sausage and meat products were soon sold by grocers and distributors.


Today, Randy and his son Joe, who manages the plant, produce more than 84 different raw, cooked and smoked sausage and meat products.  They also sell fine cuts of meat and poultry to the wholesale trade.


Masterlink Sausage and Meat Company is known as a specialty sausage company which has  mastered the fine art of charcuterie and today supplies foodservice, grocery and individual customers throughout the United States.

Randy & Mary
Joe, Randy & Mike
Italian Machine
Masterlink Sausage
Joe & Mike
  • Provide the best-tasting sausage

  • Use only the finest, freshest ingredients

  • To adhere to the strictest rules of sanitation and cleanliness

  • To produce our products efficiently in order to provide the best value

  • To maintain the highest level of integrity in all facets of manufacturing and business practice

  • To remain hardcore in our passion for our products and our services to our customers!

Our Mission

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